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House to Home Inc. is a full-scale residential interior design firm focused on creating authentic, thoughtful spaces in Montreal and surrounding areas. We design elevated, approachable, and timeless environments that prioritize beauty and functionality. 

We have developed relationships with top furniture retailers, contractors, cabinet makers to offer our clients the best selections to layer their home with enduring style. From simple makeovers to complete renovations of large and small spaces, House to Home Inc. can cover your interior design needs.

Hi, I'm Carolin!

I was born and raised in Germany and have been passionate about Interior Design since I was a little girl.

I was head over heels for making paper vision boards – it was my artsy passion and dreamy pastime!

After moving around the globe with a pit stop in Spain I found my place in Canada where my passion drove me to start an interior design business, creating stylish and functional homes. I bring both precision and creativity to every project.

But what really sets me apart? It's my down-to-earth attitude and sense of humor. I believe that designing your home should be a joyful process, and I aim to make our collaboration as easy and enjoyable as possible.

As a mom of two, I understand the need for a home that serves every family member's needs.

I find life's beauty in the simplest of things—whether it's the taste of chocolate, the fragrance of fresh flowers, or the calming effect of the water. Family weekends are precious, reserved for movies and board games.

My family loves to travel, and I find myself inspired by both natural vistas and architectural wonders we come across.


In both design and life, I abide by the philosophy of simplicity.

No need for drama—just practical, beautiful design.

Interior designer, Carolin Friese, lead, founder
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We are all about custom and service. It starts with the initial design consultation scheduled at your convenience. We listen carefully to your design dreams and will create a customized, functional design and product plan just for YOU.

We will then coordinate everything - from measuring to product ordering, construction timeline, project management and finally the installation.

Our goal is to make the design process as effortless for you as possible, helping to make your life easier and save you valuable time and money.


We absolutely love what we do!

Nothing brings us greater satisfaction than the moment we get to reveal a newly beautified space to our clients. From the moment we sit down with a new client to the final day of installation, we are excited about the project and work hard to share that excitement through strong communication and collaboration with the homeowner.

As an experienced interior design company, we know that one wrong decision in the design process can become a costly mistake down the line. That's why we offer our professional insight to ensure that you make choices you'll be proud of for years to come. The investment you make in your home should be one that brings you joy and reflects your personal style and taste.

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Contact us today and let's work together to transform your space from

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